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Lich King Attacks Stormwind, Orgrimmar

Players waiting for Wrath of the Lich King to come out got a little teaser tonight. 

The Lich King’s forces — including Frost Wyrm Raptors and Towering Horrors — began attacking Stormwind and Orgrimmar.   

The invaders were finally driven off, but that silly Herald of the Lich King pretty much double dared everyone to come to Northrend for a rematch.

It looks like the event recycles about every 20 minutes, so definitely make a quick visit before Tuesday maintenance closes the show.

Here are some pics:





Run for Ezra Video

Excellent video detailing the Run for Ezra.

The Race For Ezra

wowscrnshot_110808_182845Today’s guest blogger is my 10-year-old son.

He was really moved by the recent loss of Ezra Chatterton. When he read on BigRedKitty’s blog — doesn’t every 10-year-old read BRK??? — that a baby tauren raid on Stormwind was being organized in honor of Ezra, he was really excited to participate. 

It was a short-lived event, called early by Blizzard GM’s concerned the server wasn’t up to such a large concentration of players.  But it was still a great idea and great cause.  

You can still make a donation in Ezra’s memory.


As many of you know a boy named Ezra has died recently 😦

BigRedKitty came up with the idea to have a race for Ezra. The race would begin at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday November 8th.  The plan was to go from the tauren starting area to Stormwind with low level tauren characters. The players would have to survive many mobs on the way.

It took a while for me to log on so I started at 6:05. Most of the players were heading into the barrens already! Also,there were so many players, the world server went up and down! Talk about bad luck! After countless tries of being kicked out I finally caught up with the group while heading for Rachet.

While in Rachet getting on the boat  the GMs told us to not go to Stormwind. I managed to take this photo while on the boat.   I logged off in Booty Bay with a lot of other players.  I wanted to go farther but I didn’t want to mess up the server for other people. 

I was a little sad that we didn’t go the whole way but at least we did something to remember Ezra.  I think it was for a good cause.  It was a nice thing for BigRedKitty to do.