Zombie Slacker :)


Has it really been 10 days since my last post? 

How time flies when you’re busy trying to rack up achievements and depopulate cities. 🙂

I spent most of the last week plinking about in World of Warcraft. 

First, I was busy levelling up the new Inscription profession for one of my characters.

Then I played a lot with my son to get his “Hallowed Be Thy Name” achievement and a pet Sinister Squashling.  We tried endlessly to get a special mount from the holiday Headless Horseman boss, but, alas, the RNG gods were not with us.

After that, Blizzard rolled out the Scourge Invasion and Zombie Plague.  The Scourge Invasion was a slightly updated version of a world event from a couple years ago  — fun but nothing special. 

But the zombie plague was brand new (though probably the “corrupted blood” incident of 2005 helped shaped the idea).  Strange crates appeared in cities that, if touched, infected you with the plague.  After a few minutes, you turned into a zombie with a unique set of attacks.  Then you could attack anyone — NPCS, enemy players, or even friendly players  — and spread the plague along.  Over the course of a few days, Blizzard made the plague faster-acting and more resistent to being cured.  

Not being a born griefer but always a sucker for something new,  I got infected, infected a few others, and then quickly got bored with the whole idea and just avoided the zombies from then on.  As a zombie, there really wasn’t much to do — “I’m a zombie. Now you’re a zombie. Let’s both go make that guy a zombie too.”   Yawn.

I think Blizzard missed a really fun opportunity.  What would have greatly improved this event would have been the addition of some zombie-specific quests and achievements.   Infect someone in town X.  Infect NPC Y.  Infect Z number of players.  Infect one of every race.  It wouldn’t have taken a lot of extra effort, and the well-documented compulsion to completing achievements would probably have helped redirect some people from simply using the zombie plague as an opportunity to grief their fellow players (which ruined the event for a lot of folks, especially lower level ones just trying to level).

One of the constant complaints you hear about MMOs is that the world isn’t persistent and that players’ actions have no lasting impact.  I agree.  It’s a bit disheartening to know that a minute after you finish saving the world, everything will reset for the next group coming through.  So I really enjoy Blizzard’s world events, where, for at least a short time, players’ actions do have a more impact.  Unlike some other people, I was happy to trade convenient access to the auction house for a while for a chance to see the Ironforge temporarily overrun with zombies. 

The zombie apocalypse abruptly ended yesterday (with some claiming Blizzard gave in to the whiners and others saying it was all working as intended) and Azeroth is back to safe, boring normality for the moment.

But with Wrath of the Lich King almost upon us, I’m inclined to believe Blizzard has more in store for the players.

Perhaps another helping of…BRAIIINNSSSS…

(Hopefully, this time with a side dish of quests and/or achievements)

P.S.  Apparently it was all just a big misunderstanding.  Scott Jennings over at Broken Toys posted an apology from the Lich King which sounds genuinely contrite.  See, we can all get along!

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