Auction House Alt: Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

“So I’m in the Ironforge Auction House, you know, just posting some herbs I got in the mail.  And I see this big green glowing thing run by me.  

“My first thought was ‘Zombies! Run for your lives!’ and I cut out for the exit.”

 “Then I see that no one else is paying any attention. They’re just standing around, raising their hands now and then, with some of the Night Elves bouncing a bit.”

So, I look again, and it’s, like, just a core hound.”

“I felt pretty stupid.”

“Still, I couldn’t stop shaking.  I got so flustered I posted three stacks of netherweave cloth at 30 silver each and I had to /sit down for a minute to get my head together.”

“Stuff like last week, it just stays with you man, like, forever.”

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