Warhammer State of the Game: What Order needs

I’m way too late to comment on Mark Jacob’s State of the Game post for Warhammer Online.  Others have already done an excellent job breaking his remarks down.

But I do have one suggestion on how to improve faction balance in the game.    Whether Mythic was proved right in their belief that early adopters would go Destruction and later arrivals would go Order, the fact still seems to be that, overall, Order is underrepresented on every server (EDIT: apparently  there are a couple servers where the population is skewed towards Order — still the trend is definitely the other way).

The addition — or return, depending on how cynical you are — of two tank classes, Black Guard (Destro) and the Knight of the Blazing Sun (Order) will definitely help add much needed tanks to the game. Depending on how many feathers the Knight ends up sporting, it may also give players a bit more reason to roll Order.

If Mythic really wants to boost interest in Order, there’s only one thing to do:

Add in the Dwarf Slayer.

Suicidal, bezerk Slayers sporting mohawks and blue tattoos would instantly raise Order’s coolness rating tenfold.

Just saying.

Slayer fan art by Essi2

2 Responses to “Warhammer State of the Game: What Order needs”

  1. 1 Sara Pickell October 19, 2008 at 9:01 am

    It may work… for anyone who isn’t just categorically against playing dwarves.

  2. 2 JoBildo October 20, 2008 at 11:52 am

    Agreed on the Slayer. I said so at Ysh’s place too. They’re just so wicked-awesome (/endbostonianaccent). And especially for anyone who’s read the Gotrek and Felix books.

    Dual-wielding axes, or large grataxes, berserking across hordes of enemies.

    The only issue they might have is the fact that they’re all seeking their death. Maybe make it a class that gets stronger the closer it is to death?

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