MMO Cold Turkey

I mostly took last weekend off from MMOs and it was an invigorating break

Rob at MMOCrunch recently posted about making a much bigger break — walking away from his MMOs altogether.  His article is titled “I got my life back.”

 …I always KNEW there was a real world outside of MMORPGs, as I used to be quite social before I started devoting every weekend to grinding pointless levels in some silly game or other during the last decade, but I’d kind of forgotten how much fun it is to meet new people and tell each other our stories and have some REAL LIFE fun…

A couple people left our WOW guild recently and their goodbye posts read a lot like Rob’s.  More power to them, I say.  When playing a game starts to negatively impact your physical or mental wellbeing, then a change makes a lot of sense.

Personally, my enjoyment of MMOs will always have to take a back seat to my real life responsiblities.  It means my gameplay is a bit more restricted than I’d ideally like, but I think it’s a healthy compromise that let’s me keep playing without feeling too guilty about how I use my time.

How about you?  Comfortable with your MMO playtime?  Or ready to take a short — or long — break?

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