Warhammer Game Update 1.02

So, I was just speculating on Mark Jacob’s comments on future improvements for Warhammer.


Now, we have some new info:  the 1.02 patch notes are out on the Warhammer Herald (props to Spinks at Book of Grudges for pointing out its existance and offering his own insights on some of the changes).


The change I find most intriguing is this one:


In order to promote realm and population balance, some realms on some servers will now award their players with a +20% bonus to renown and experience. This is not a permanent bonus, but rather a temporary incentive to promote balance. Realms currently offering this bonus are marked on the server list with a colored icon; blue for Order and Red for Destruction – Check the Herald for the latest list!

Will it work?  Should be interesting to see.  I know a temporary 20% bonus would definitely NOT be enough to influence my own decision on something that would permanently affect me for the rest of the game like the server or faction I chose. 


However, I can see that individuals and/or guilds who are joining the game — or rolling alts — and don’t have a particular preference might be quite happy to grab even a temporary levelling advantage.


A couple other quick comments on 1.02 improvements:


  • Join all scenarios button — Yay. Wonder if it’ll include all the options of  the addon I just installed.
  • Chat changes — Yay, bug fixes.  Boo, not automatically delivering all the improvements to existing players.  Bigger boo, still no word on the chat changes like item linking.
  • Reduced delay when mailing to alts and guildmates – Yay, speedier mail is great.  Now how about that Auction House?



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