Mark Jacobs on Warhammer improvements

Syp at the Waaagh Blog passed along an interesting post Mark Jacobs made on the VN Boards about future improvements to Warhammer

Here the quotes and a couple comments:

1. Open RvR is crucial to this game’s success. If we don’t have enough people doing open RvR, the game will not succeed as much as it could and should. We’re looking at all the data from the servers and if what is being reported here is true (too much emphasis on scenarios), we will certainly look at encouraging people to get involved in oRvR earlier than they may be doing right now. This will not involved nerfing of scenario exp, rp, etc. though.

Comment: Hard to argue with this.  Scenarios seem to be the most efficient way to level, and if everyone is constantly grinding in scenarios then who’s left to do open RvR?  This is a nut WOW never cracked – despite many attempts, organized world PVP there is essentially non-existant.  WAR, whose primary focus is RvR, has to find more ways to encourage open RvR participation, especially at the lower levels (where are lot of RvR lakes are ghostly quiet). Good luck doing this without nerfing scenarios. 

2. We will have an improved chat interface/filters very quickly (hopefully in the next version). As I’ve said before, we really messed up on the presentation of the chat system. It really is quite powerful but too many people just didn’t know what they could do to make their lives easier. That’s our fault and we will correct that. Once I had my chat system set up properly, I was very pleased with the results. So, the next version you will see will have: a) more tabs by default; b) more filters; c) a reminder on how to set things up your way. Further down the road I want to see a chat editor similar to our layout editor. I also sent an idea to the team about a simple slash command (and then a button) to make gold spammer reporting quite easy.

Comment: This one worries me.  I don’t see any of the keywords I was hoping for — item linking, mouse-based shortcuts, new default chat channels.  Instead, I hear him saying they messed on the presentation of the system, that they didn’t explain it well enough, and if we just understood it better we’d be happy.  That sounds a lot like “Our chat system is already great. You just don’t get it.”  While there may be a lot of untapped power in the built-in filters (others have already pointed out to me that it’s easy to filter out NPC chatter, for example) — it doesn’t change the fact that there are a lot of simple, widely used chat features missing from WAR.  Mark Jacob’s idea of a slash command and then a button to report a gold spammer still sounds like more steps than I need elsewhere.  Maybe Mythic’s technology simply doesn’t allow for these simple improvements, but I’m sorry to see Jacobs skip blithely past them altogether.

3. I love the core crafting system and we definitely want to add a lot more stuff to it as the game evolves.

Comment: It’s got potential is the nicest thing I can say so far.  I’m glad he has it on his list of things to improve.  Not mentioned here is the flip side of a robust crafting economy — the mail and auction house system, which are both borked badly.

As to what else is coming, well, that would be telling but I guarantee that you’ll like what we are going to do before the year is out and afterward. As I promised before we launched, we are keeping the team on WAR and not moving them on to the expansion pack yet. Launching was only the first step…

Comment: Mythic has been very active with tweaks and bug fixes so far.  I’m glad to hear Mark Jacobs publically stating their initial work isn’t done yet and that more improvements are on the way.  I’m sure he knows that these next few months will make or break WAR in terms of customer retention — and I feel pretty confident that Mythic is going to do everything they possibly can to deliver on their promises to further improve the great game they launched. Color me optimistic.

2 Responses to “Mark Jacobs on Warhammer improvements”

  1. 1 Snafzg October 9, 2008 at 4:14 pm

    I really haven’t done much tweaking with the chat system, so I’ll have to poke around tonight. Nothing jumps out at me as obvious though. The number one minor feature I’d like to see in game right now is item-linking. I actually can’t believe they launched without it.

    Total oversight or do they not realize the convenience it brings to the game?

  1. 1 Warhammer Game Update 1.02: « Brave Pidge’s Gaming Adventures Trackback on October 9, 2008 at 2:58 am

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