Installing Addons in Warhammer

Ok, I admit I’m a fiddler.  I like to adjust, tweak, finetune, you know, fiddle.

And I’m lazy too.  If I can find an easy way to do a repetitive cumbersome task, I’m all over it.

So I’ve dipped my toes into addons for Warhammer.  These are user-created modules that add or improve the basic Warhammer UI.   I use several addons in WOW so was really happy to see Mythic has a similar system to let users improve and customize their interface.

To install addons in Warhammer:

  1. First go into your Warhammer directory (for a retail copy of Warhammer, I think the default is C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Warhammer Online – Age of Reckoning\).
  2. Make a new folder called “Interface” in that directory.
  3. Open your new “Interface” folder and make a folder called “Addons.”
  4. Copy an addon file to your new “Addons” folder (again, the default setup probably looks something like this C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Warhammer Online – Age of Reckoning\Interface\Addons\) . 
  5. Addons typically come as .zip files and have to be “unpacked” (extracted) before they can be used.  Windows XP/Vista has this feature built into the operating system, so you can just right-click on the addon .zip file and choose “Extract.” Make sure you extract the files to the Addons directory you’re working in.  You can also use third party programs like Winzip to extract .zip files (if you do, make sure to check off the “Use Folder Names” options so that it maintains the correct subfolder structure of any extracted addon files).
  6. That’s it. Now in your Addons folder you should now have a new folder named after the addon you were extracting.  Your addon should automatically work in Warhammer now (if it doesn’t, double-check the steps above and re-read the addon’s description — some addons require other addons be installed for them to work). now has a section dedicated to Warhammer addons.  They’re a pretty reputable source for safe addons, but, as always, be careful (my personal rule is to not install any addons that come as an .exe file).

So far I’ve added the following:

Libslash  –  This is one of those “helper” addons that you don’t really use directly but is required for a lot of other addons to work.  One nice feature — with Libslash installed, you can type “/addon” to see a list of all your addons.

Clock – Puts a simple digital clock onscreen that you can customize and move around.  Funny how game companies never seem to want to show that information onscreen in their default UI (guess they don’t want to remind players how much time is going by while they’re playing <grin>).

NPC Item Sell Price – Adds a line to item descriptions showing the NPC vendor buy price.  Handy to let you see what it’s worth keeping and what’s worth dumping when you’re low on bag space (which I always seem to be).

Mobhealth – Based on an addon from WOW, once you start fighting an enemy player or mob, it adds the numerical value or percentage value to the enemy player’s or mob’s health bar.

Warhammer Scrolling Combat Text – Another WOW addon ported for Warhammer, SCT dresses up the onscreen combat display.

Scenario Join All Button – Adds a one-button option to join all available scenario queues. Definitely beats havng to join them one at a time.

EZCraft – Adds pull-down inventory menus to your crafting screens so you can see what components you have in your bags that can be used for each crafting slot.  A great timesaver, especially since I find interacting with the inventory slots fairly awkward (more of that in another post).

SpamMeNot – This blocks incoming spam from gold sellers and automates the reporting process to Mythic (supposedly it complies with Mythics reporting requirements).  It’s not a perfect defense but is worth using.

What about you?  Are you an addon-fan or a strict default-UI player?  Have you found any can’t-live-without addons for Warhammer yet? 

Drop a comment with your thoughts and discoveries.

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