Blizzard’s new committment to PVP met with open arms


Well, not exactly 🙂

Syp, over at Waagh, takes the high road.

Regis at Wizards & Wenches calls it like he see it.

And Syncaine of Hardcore Casual corpse-camps the Blizzard post…over and over.


I like WOW and I like WAR.  I think they’d both be better games if they’d steal more ideas from each other and I hope they do. The players will only benefit from that.

But even a  Pollyanna like me can’t help but wonder about Tigole’s incredibly vague and tepid comment on improving PVP.

“…Our general thought is that we could provide more BG content over time. The BG content that we could provide could be of higher quality with a higher degree of accessibility…Please don’t take this post as a promise. This won’t be an overnight process. Not all of these things are set in stone and guaranteed to happen.  It would take us a while to shift in this direction…I think it’s important for you guys to know some of our thought process in regards to PvP.”

The only thing I can parse out of the above comment is that they’ve been thinking about making more and better battlegrounds, but that nothing is going to happen soon (or perhaps ever). 

As a way to give WOW players a glimpse of Blizzard’s future roadmap for PvP, it seems hardly worth typing.

As a sop to WOW PvP players considering a look at WAR, it seems transparent and weak.

(Brewfest picture credit: AzyxA.  Motivational poster designer: Bighugelabs.)

1 Response to “Blizzard’s new committment to PVP met with open arms”

  1. 1 Zubon October 7, 2008 at 1:41 pm

    More and better? Wow! Great plan.

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