WoW podcasts look at Warhammer

As someone who is bouncing between WOW and WAR, it’s interesting to hear what other WOW players are making of WAR.  For example, a couple of my favorite WOW-focused podcasts recently spent a bit of time talking about their experiences in WAR:

The Instance! Podcast #122 — (if you want to get right to the WAR-related part, skip to about 52 minutes in) — Baseball great and 38 Studios founder, Curt Schilling, says he’s burned out on raiding in WOW and moved to WAR, but leaves the door open for going back.  He talks a lot about the “massive potential” WAR has but says that “potential” doesn’t necessarily equal a great game.  He’s digging the RvR, but is concerned that no MMO seems to be able to compete with WOW in terms of its “polish.”  He argues that, while no MMO launch has ever been problem free, players are increasingly unwilling to wait for MMOs to fix launch issues and grow into their potential — especially with a polished alternative readily available.

Patrick Beja (“Patrick from France” who also does the great “How I WoW” podcast) also played WAR but never clicked with the game.  He pins his disinterest in playing on his PVE focus.

World of Warcast Podcast #70 – (WAR-related content begins around 5 minutes in) — Starman is positive about some of the game mechanics like public quests and Tome of Knowledge but has an equal number of complaints about slow combat, lagging opponents, and how a player’s gear all looks similar.  His biggest gripe: “nobody talks” in chat channels, which he feels limits new players ability to get answers to questions, find groups, etc.,  and makes him feel like he’s playing a solo game. 

Starman also had issues with finding groups easily, and I got a chuckle out of co-host Renata’s immediately negative response to the idea of WAR’s open grouping where players can invite themselves into a group.  [Note: I think this is a perfect example of Mythic’s challenge to re-educate incoming WOW players about how open grouping works in WAR — it isn’t obvious that WAR’s grouping mechanics and rewards are exactly the opposite of those in WOW (ie, you’re rewarded for grouping in WAR and can complete “kill/collect X mobs/items” quests faster rather than slower when grouped), and you can always see your quest objectives and what open groups are right nearby].

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