RIP, GFW Radio :(

Once upon a time there was a great podcast.

GFW Radio — produced as a companion to  Games For Windows Magazine, and, after that folded, continued under– was supposedly about general PC gaming. 

But the truth was that about only half the podcasts had anything to do with PC games. The rest shot off randomly in a sorts of directions — crazy anecdotes on growing up; thoughtful discussions on journalism and the games industry; back-and-forth banter on comic books; reviews of movies and TV from “Lost” to the “Gilmore Girls;” and tons of we’re-just-teasing-we-still-love-you cracks on hardcore gamers, forum trolls and themselves.  It was witty, sophomoric, penetrating and informative in turns. And very NSFW.

The ensemble GFW crew — Jeff Green, Shawn Elliot, Sean Molloy and Ryan Scott plus an occassional “fifth chair” guest — seemed like they shouldn’t have worked together well, but, boy, did they ever.  

Shawn was the Energizer Bunny/creative genius/class clown, filled with endless energy, the ability to spit out things that would make everyone else cringe, and a head full of perceptive insights.  You never quite knew what he was going to say next, but it certainly wasn’t going to be boring.

 Jeff, Editor-in-Chief at Games for Windows Magazine, wasn’t ever above being silly, but his humor was generally more restrained and more self-effacing.  Half of his jokes were at his own expense. I always got the sense of that he thoroughly enjoyed never quite growing up, but still felt a bit perplexed and embarrassed to have to admit at some garden party that he was making his living writing for a gaming magazine and not Atlantic Monthly.  As a rough contempoary of his, I could really relate to many of the things he said  about career and family (though I never understood his love of the Gilmore Girls).

Sean Molloy was the straight man to Shawn Elliot.  He was smart and funny in his own right, but with an understated style that counterbalanced Elliot’s excesses.  Sean was the glue that held many of the episodes’ disparate parts together.

Ryan Scott’s cryptic presence was felt more than heard.  He was always there but rarely talked, which was itself an interesting dynamic for an audio podcast.  But every once in a while, he’d get into a great rant and they were worth waiting a couple episodes to hear.

Sadly, like all great things, GFW Radio finally put out the “Closed” sign.  After Games for WIndows Magazine was shut down, Ziff kept everyone on at But it was clearly a heartbreaking change. Eventually Sean Molloy headed off to join Blizzard. Then, recently, Jeff Green announced he was joining EA.  Finally, Shawn Elliot was scooped up by Take 2 Boston.  Ryan Scott’s secret plans to take over the world haven’t been publicly announced, but I wouldn’t bet against them.

Guys, It’s a crying shame to see your podcast end, but here’s to a great ride and all the best for the future!

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