All work and no play…

Ironically, just as I’m totally excited about diving into a new game, I find I suddenly have zero time for fun.  Yesterday, I snuck into Warhammer and got one PQ done before I had to cut out.  Today the servers are down — and I’m physically away from my CD key anyways, so I couldn’t play if they were up.   My WoW characters are gathering dust too. I took two minutes to log in and craft a couple items that have a profession cooldown but that was it.  Oh well, the weekend is almost upon us!

1 Response to “All work and no play…”

  1. 1 nathaniel September 19, 2008 at 5:01 pm

    I can officially relate to you! I work and school all week and weekend. Today I get home from class and guess what? The servers are down! Around 1:30 PM EST they pop back up but I have to work from 2-7…looks like I will be playing after work…but I luckily I have access to a computer at work! So I get to browse the blogosphere and find neat little blogs like this! Keep up the good work and if your ever bored like me feel free to check out my new blog: 🙂 Good luck!

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