Well, apparently Mythic has been thinking about this issue too. 

An hour before the full launch of Warhammer, Mark Jacobs posted a Community Update outlining three game improvements. The first was that they were eliminating the COC checkoff at each login:

“(1) First, let’s start with a change to our Code of Conduct.  After reviewing the CoC, we’ve decided that it is not necessary to have you click through it every time you enter the game.  However, you will need to continue to scroll through the EUALA for the foreseeable future.  While we are making it easier to do that it will remain as it is.  I’m truly sorry that it is necessary but for now, due to legal reasons, it will still need to be scrolled through and accepted when you enter the game. ”

So the EULA one stays in its current form, though it looks like it will somehow be a bit faster to complete.

Not a perfect solution, but I give Mythic credit for trying to improve the customer experience.

(Of course, some might say this is just another case of appeasing the whinybutts. :))

The rest of the post was welcome news too: 

  • Mythic introduced a change that they believe has reduced crashing to the desktop by 50%.  As we’ve seen elsewhere, client stability can be a game-killer so this is great to hear. (Happily, on the two systems I use, I’ve only crashed a couple times so this hasn’t really be a major problem for me. Of course, zero times would be even better!).
  • Mythic is duplicating five of the highest population servers onto second servers and letting users decide which one to play on. That’s particularly great because it allows individual players and guilds to switch with essentially no penalty or disruption.  (The Destruction side of the new guild I’m in originally rolled on one of the high pop servers, Volkmar, and after a couple days of crazy queues made the difficult decision to dump their characters and re-roll elsewhere en masse.  This looks like a nice solution for others stuck in the same situation.)

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